FOX Business Network (FBN) will provide special live coverage of the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6th.

Starting at 8PM/ET, Senior Vice President and Managing Editor of Business News Neil Cavuto will anchor the network’s live coverage with a special five-hour edition of CAVUTO: Coast to Coast. Throughout the evening, Cavuto will provide breaking news coverage, expert analysis and up to the minute reports surrounding the latest on the critical races from across the country. FBN’s all-star economic and political experts, including Lou Dobbs and Global Markets Editor Maria Bartiromo, Stuart Varney and Trish Regan will join Cavuto throughout the night to provide in-depth analysis on the election and the possible economic impact. FBN’s Kennedy, Charles Payne, David Asman and Melissa Francis will also provide additional analysis on the races and exit poll data.

Leading up to the network’s election coverage, FBN’s Lou Dobbs will host a special election-edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight at 7PM-8PM/ET. As the polls start to close, Dobbs will focus on the most pressing headlines surrounding the critical races and offer initial analysis of the evening.

Additionally, FBN’s Liz Claman and Jeff Flock will be providing live updates from New Jersey and Indiana, respectively. Also contributing to the live on-the-ground reporting will be FBN correspondents Kristina Partsinevelos in Florida and Hillary Vaughn in Arizona.

Throughout the evening, FBN will also be providing a live look into FOX News Channel’s (FNC) interactive viewing party on “FOX Square, the plaza directly outside of the network headquarters on New York’s Avenue of the Americas and West 48th Street. There FOX fans will be able to watch and interact with the latest coverage up-close alongside FOX News Headlines 24/7’s Carley Shimkus, who will discuss the latest developments and reactions from the crowd.

FBN’s digital and social platforms will be keeping voters up to date on the results with real time updates. will display an interactive race map showcasing the latest polling data and election results as well as tracking international and futures market reaction. The website will also feature a “Midterms & Your Money” section where FBN’s team of digital reporters and contributors analyze the critical midterm election issues impacting consumers and the U.S. economy at the local and national level. Followers of @FOXBusiness on Twitter will be able to watch live streams of key election results and events as well as receive news updates on local and national races. FBN’s Facebook and Instagram pages will also keep viewers up to date on the latest developments throughout the night.

On Wednesday, November 7th, FBN:AM will start at 4AM/ET leading to a special four-hour post-election edition of Bartiromo’s Mornings with Maria (5-9AM/ET), featuring international and futures market reaction to the race results.

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